Contacting watch mqkers

I would like yo contact a few of the creators, and I was wondering if there was an easy to do this.

Hi @shortone78, not sure there’s a way to directly contact designers via the app, but if you can find them within the community you’ll be able to direct message them via the community portal: Click on their name and a pop up will appear that gives you the option to send a message, hope this helps

their names on facer should also be reflected in the community - how can we help?

ty it has

Hello all I have been trying my hand at creating my first watch face for my Gear S3 frontier.
Having some issues with a few of the complication and widgets.
First off I am looking for these items on my watch face.

  1. Digital time(12&24 with : as AM/PM in 12 hr mode)
  2. Date(Month & day)
  3. Days of the week
  4. Sun rise & sun set
  5. Yellow ball or hand/arm rotates from 10 o-clock position to 2 o-clock position when time is between sun rise & sun set. disappears after sunset.
  6. Blue line/hand for seconds
  7. white square for hour
  8. Weather info as seen
  9. Battery info(Watch & phone) maybe with icons
  10. Also not seen on this image is my new years countdown from Dec 31 & 12:01:00 am to 11:59:59 pm which works great. Text shows HH:MM:SS till new year with a ball falling through out the day.
    Also interested in thoughts in any other complication there could possibly be used.
    First image is what I have right now. Sun rise/set ball/line does not work yet. only appears and disappears at the right times.