Continuous Monitoring

I am very much impressed with most of watch faces… Minimalistic and elega faces are beyond words.
But i have noticed that they are continously monitoring heart rate and steps leading to battery drainage…
Please guide me how to stop continuous monitoring.


OK first off, Facer does not continuously “monitor” heart rate or steps. Those are both updated on a time schedule. (According to Facer) But they do both display the information all the time. The Facer watchface updates all the information except for maybe the phone battery level at wake-up.

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Welcome @drmiten. Chose Faces that do not have those complications on. Rely on your Factory Apps for that Data. Most of the Best Faces only have Battery and Date besides time. A lot of them are Free. Take your Pick. ENJOY.

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I’ve compared (few times) battery drainage between watchfaces with “all data” and watchfaces with time/date only, compared watchfaces with gifs and no gifs, complications and no complications and so on… didn’t find much difference. Maybe 5-10% difference in 24 hours.

White background eats a little bit more than black background.
Always on mode eats a lot of battery.