Convert .watch to facer

Hi guys

I joined facer recently
My watch is a Samsung Galaxy watch 5 pro

Before I was using watchmaker

I have a lot of .watch watchfaces for facemaker

Is there a way to convert all those watchface from watchmaker to face please?

Thanks for your answers

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Rebuild only I am afraid . Well as far as I know . You have the resources . You will find the Formulas Syntax a bit different . We don’t get many Watchmaker Renegades . However you will find a Welcome Here @breludovic . While we are on the subject show us a shot of one of your favourite faces you Made .


@breludovic: welcome at facer
Very curious to see your faces, unfortunately you have to rebuild your watches, there is no tool to convert the old ones. Perhaps an occasion to make them even better :grinning:


You can get files out of a .watch file.

Rename the the ending from “.watch” to “.zip”
Then you can extract the preview files, fonts, and other stuff. Maybe that will get you going in Facer.


I wish it was that easy in Facer . We do that in WFS but I have never been able to find the Formulas .

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