Copy face from account to another account

how i can copy face from one account to another account to edit?
I have a lot of faces in one account (normal account) and now I want to copy them to my new account (PRO version) to edit them there.
As far as I know, not all users can open faces created in the PRO version in the normal account.
Therefore also the second account.
Thanks for any comment.

I do not think there is a way…
I’ve tried drag-and-drop. It does something, but not everything gets transferred, images for sure not.
Probably why some develop most faces outside of Facer and then add a whole background face as an image. I do that partially.

Definitely something that is missing!

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You do not need separate account just to separate free faces from premium. With pro account you can still make free faces. Just do not use pro features on them.
I think it is not possible to transfer faces between accounts, but if you made them, you sure have the resources to recreate the faces fast.


I think it’s best to have only 1 account. If you want to keep things separate use collections.


If I no longer use the PRO version and cancel it, I will probably have to delete the account. Then all free faces would be gone…

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@a.kroeske . If you cancel your Pro Subscription you do not lose you Pro Work . You can not Publish anything that has used any of the PRO Layers and Tags . The trick is to make yourself some Templates with all the Utilities on . You can use those privately and sync them to your watch . Just not Publish them on Facer . Contact me DM .

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