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Bonjour j’ai créé plusieurs fond de montre le tout gratuitement mais j’ai reçu un message m’indiquant que je ne pouvais à cause du copyright les utiliser ce que je comprends même si ma démarche était entièrement gratuite par contre je m’étonne de toujours voir des montres TAG Heuer Breitling etc…créer avant les miennes et toujours en ligne
Bonne fête de fin d’année

If you would use English, more people could help you.

Here’s the translation

“Hello I created several backgrounds of the watch for free but I received a message that I could not because of copyright use what I understand even if my approach was completely free cons I’m surprised always see TAG Heuer Breitling watches etc … create before mine and always online
Thank you
Happy New Year

I am inclined to agree with Eric on some levels - if copyright is to be policed than it needs to be done so on a consistent basis.


Bonjour eric bonne année. Malheureusement, c’est une situation merdique que je suis également d’accord totalement nul. La réponse est de ne pas utiliser de matériel sous copyright dans vos conceptions. Tristement facer semblent être sauvage inconciliable dans leur application de la protection du droit d’auteur et certains des exemples les plus flagrants sont toujours là qui est juste terrible

It’s very difficult to understand, Facer’s handling of the “Copyright system”, and how they do it. I have personally received 2 messages from Facer, where they removed my Watches, even that my Watches did NOT have the name which are protected by Copyright, included, but only a name in my description of the watches.
But if I do a search on Facer, for by example name Rolex, I will find a lot of watches with this name Rolex, included in the watch itself, and which by this, is a violation of the respective Companies copyrights! And also for many other Copyrighted names. So why are they still on Facer?
So I did remove all my Watch faces from Facer, until they find out, what the consequent “line” is! As now, I can’t see whats up and down!

I agree - Facer need to articulate the rules and enforce them transparently… it cant be easy for them given the sheer size of the issue…

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Same here. I’m sure there is a balancing act of both enforcement and allowing one offs or modifications. The main area I could see enforcement is in the “Top Charts” free section of the app. It sucks that blatant copies are taking the space of valid creations from designers and enthusiasts. Looking right now, there are at least 20 of the 50 that are TAG, Rolex, or Breitling versions.

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I’m sure it’s not easy with so many faces being published, unless software can do it well. When I was doing large art shows, the management would monitor originality, copyright, etc… Rating was by %. For example, a product could have a frame that was purchased, but all the artwork inside it had to be created by the artist. Just thinking out loud… For Facer to apply that, perhaps the concept could be the same as a name brand, but the images/backgrounds/logos could not violate copyrights or trademarks. I suppose the alternative would be to state in the description that the face is a copy of ------- design. By all means never use the names TAG, Rolex, or Breitling, etc. on the face unless permission is given by the company.

I have long felt the same feeling of frustration to see that great original designs or even appear in the top 50 given the demand for synchronizations that copies of originals has, I think that for those aspiring premium designers this is an initiation exercise and really there are excellent copies … The problem rights is not easy to solve, but I think that if there is a simple and fast way to remove those designs from the top and is working in a joint collection of designers (including premium) offering their original designs for free. For my part I am willing to offer one of my best paid designs for free to counter this problem that inevitably affects us all. I think that if the users have good original and free designs they will not have the need to download so many copies.

I agree fully. Then there’s also the issue of the watchmaker stuff taking away from the work of designers, many of whom put untold amounts of work into their designs. If a watch has any keywords such as rolex, tag, omega and so on it shouldn’t be in the top 50. This category is hand picked so there really is no excuse

I do not fully understand, why you think that an offer of others “designers” watch designs, should could help on the cases with Copyright violations, and to reduce the fact that there are people who pick up those designs from copyrighted Brands!
I for my own, are looking for some straight rules, in the way Facer officially handle those Copyright violations. Is it because of a Copyrighted name in the design, is it because of a copyrighted name in the description, or is it because of Companies who are reacting because they have seen one of there names used on Facer’s Website! I really dont know, and I think that nobody else knows about the exact rules!
If “we” should take this about copyright to the extreme, I believe that the Facer staff would be occupied for a very long time, removing watches from the website, and they would also loose some money on this, as those removed watches, would not give any Money to Facer. And maybe that’s the reason for not so clear rules, in reality!

las reglas creo que estan mas que claras, cualquier persona que quiera subir a la cortadora su diseño debe aceptar las condiciones y debe hacerce responsable por violar los derechos de autor en su diseño, esto es justo antes de enviar el diseño a control de calidad, creo es por eso que no pierden tiempo en eliminarlos ya que cada uno se responsabliliza por lo que envía!

the rules I think are more than clear, anyone who wants to climb the cutter design must accept the conditions and should be responsible for violating the copyright in its design, this is just before sending the design to quality control, I think that is why they do not waste time in eliminating them since each one is responsible for what they send!

None of this you have replied in you’r last post, makes anything clearer; nor do I understand what it is you exactly write! You wrote among others “…must accept the conditions” And it is those conditions which don’t seems to be so clear (which a look on the Facer site, shows quite clearly), and that’s why nothing is fully clear. And what is it for quality control?
And the last you wrote, that the Facer Staff don’t waste time in eliminating, don’t make any sense, as it’s not correct!

Hi all,

This is a very complex topic and unfortunately there isn’t much more we can share other than what you can read at What we can tell you is that our platform is DMCA compliant. Watchfaces are user generated content and we do not manually screen for copyright or trademark violations. If your design was taken down, it did not come from us, but it came directly from a brand owner (often very prominent watch brands) who deemed your content infringing on their rights. If you see other faces that seem to also be infringing and are still up, it either means that the brand is fine with it, or that they haven’t processed it yet. I should also mention that designers who get repeatedly flagged by brands will eventually get their Facer account terminated.

Hope it helps a bit!

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Thank’s for the info! Yes, it’s a complex subject! Not that your post makes it clearer; but, it is still a decision made from Facer officially, when a watch is removed, as it happend, based on a reflection from a watch brand owner. That’s is fully to understand!
This what makes it unclear, is that (in my case), I only used the Brand name in description. The watch itself, was in so many ways, differing from the original. So I believe that it has been an individual decision from the Facer staff, whenever a watch has to be removed, or not!
So it would makes it more clear, just to forbid using of Brand name in desription, and on watch face design, at all. By this, it would stands fully clear for all. The Copyright page on dont tell clear in any way, but only a general description! So my suggest is, put it in the copyright page, that using of Brand name in description, and watch faces design, is forbidden, at all.

Hello all, I´ve read your discussion regarding copyright of famous brands like Tag Heuer faces. I´ve owned watch Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 almost over 1 year, however not many original faces have been available. I know that this topis is very sensitive, but I would like to download original Carrera. Could someone help me find where I can do it? Sorry in advance if this topic doesn´t belong here.


Try searching at

This repository host every kind of watches, from facer, watchmaker and others… and they host watches that have been deleted as well… :slight_smile:

This thematic with the brands has already been discussed a long tim. i seems to be very sensitive and the facer stuff only seems to react when there is a direct complaint from the brand owner. They don´t feel responsible of all the user generated content and this is, imhO, a wise move… Otherwise they would have douzends of laywer requests every week…

So, every watchface creator has a responsibility for his/her Outputs.

I am not happy with that decision but we have to accept it the way it is. I think every violation against copyright should immediatly lead to deletion of the specific watch face but without direct consequence in the first case.

However, just don´t use brands or copy content from them and we all stay chilled.

Thx for help, anyway does exist any other link or designer who is able to create faces carrera with funcionality: Steps, battery, date. I saw roughly 1/2 ago fantastic Carrera faces with those features.

Just saw a downloadable Tag Heuer Carrera from watchmaker at google plus.

Here is the link.