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Hi guys, I just need feedback if this looks like Copyright infringement or the logo is hidden enough to publish… Thank you in advance for your feedback! @Facer_Official

I’m not sure you mean by “If the logo is hidden…” If it’s not your artwork and you don’t own it, no matter where the logo is, it’s not your work. I’ve seen many Google images used on watch faces. The watermark, copyright, or artist’s signature is covered by a banner or circle. Hiding it doesn’t change the fact that the artwork was created by someone else. As I understand the rules, you need to get the artist’s permission or not use it.

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Good to know… I was just wondering if you can do it like that because I’m not familiar with Copyright laws… Thank you for your help… Logo out…

The way I see it, it’s synonymous with writing an article, a research paper, etc… Simply erasing or omitting the original author’s name, doesn’t allow you to copy it and take credit for the contents without citing your source.
With your design, as long as you are not going to sell it, why don’t you just give credit to the artist? That way, if there is any objection, at least you’ve done that much.


I’m just afraid to get a strike so, your feedback is good for me to be careful with thinks like that. Everything else is my design on this watch face but my brother wanted for me to include the Patriot logo for a Sunday Football and use this watch face on the watch… The idea was cool but I was not sure if I could do something like that. I’m not posting for sale or premium anyway but, I prefer to be safe… I think the design still good for Sunday Football without the logo… Thank you for your feedback @Linlay !

Did you search to see if there are any already published faces with the Patriot logo?

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