Copyright in watchface creation?

Hi guys.
I created a watchface based on my work with Pebble - Poke Trainer (here it is).
I’ve had it on my watch for some weeks, I was ready to publish it.
I have one question: being that is based on Pokémon art, will I have any copyright problems? Of course I’ll publish it for free, but still I’m not looking for any legal issues. What are your thoughts about this?
Thanks for the help!

Yes it will probably run afaoul of copyright if it uses recognisable pokemon characters/graphic elements…

I was wondering the same thing about publishing\sharing a watch face with copyrighted artwork but releasing it as a free download. I believe that gets into a gray area because it is a fan release, not-for-profit.

I’m really wondering because my son and I decided to toy with some ideas and we “created” a tribute face using the artwork from Rockstar’s “Red Dead Redemption 2.” I took a photo and showed it off on the Reddit forum and a couple folks seemed interested in downloading it. If I published it, it would be free because I’m just wanting to share something I enjoy, not earn money. So, I wonder if Facer would pull it if I published it. I’m guessing “yes” just to avoid taking a chance.