Corrupt Temperature and Weather elements?

I’ve created new facer watch faces today and the Temperature and Weather elements do not show up on my designs. As of today, none of my designs have these elements working. It’s like the temperature an weather elements are corrupt. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

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Can’t really say for sure what’s the matter, but I do have some issues with temperature readings and battery readings from time to time; sometimes restarting the watch and/or phone helps. Sometimes just let things sit and sync when they want to helps too… and sometimes turning off my phone’s wifi and let the mobile data take over also helps.

If none of this helps, can you describe the issue in a bit further detail? like, what does the temperature reading look like? is it gone entirely? does it show -- 2 hyphens like that?

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Hi. To use weather informations your clock needs the permission of your location. Try to activate your GPS on your clock and wait a little bit. Then the weather informations schould appear.
Hope this will solve your Problem.

I get that issue from time to time. It usually the synching not working. At one stage, nothing was working and I had to re-install Facer app on my Galaxy Watch.

I’m having the same issue. But not only in the watch but also on the facer creator website.