Could someone create a face for me?

Sorry in addvance if this posted in the wrong place. Search didn’t do much for me.

I followed the “Amanda” watch face creation and was blown away. Truly amazing work. I have a request for a face that is also a real watch. I just don’t have the PSP skills to put it together. I think it would be fairly simple, I just can’t do it.
I have the Bremaster Chrono watch from this website:

I was hoping to get this face done almost as is but with some mods as far as making the face more data heavy in terms of weather info and maybe a timer function in one of the circular dial portions.

Would anyone be interested? I will pay for it.


The recreating of actual watches can be a bit dangerous, since one would potentially disregard copyrights for them.

If you would be ok with making small adjustments to the face, like deleting any original logos and names from it, then I could help you.

If you are interested, let me know and I will send you a DM so we could talk through the details.

Thank you! Yes, I’m interested. The only important thing to me is the general look of the watch face. I really like the brewmaster logo part because that is what makes the watch special, but maybe we can think of something to change it up.

I really appreciate it.

Ok, I will send you a DM, be on a lookout for it.