Countdown Digital Seconds (60-0)

I would like to know if there is somebody that knows how to have the digital seconds instead of counting up to count down?

My son likes to do a countdown from one News host program to another once it gets to 1 minute and he starts at 15 seconds. Unfortunately on the digital seconds it’s 45 seconds and counts up to 59 seconds and then changes at zero zero.

I would like to have the seconds digital counter start at 60 and count down to zero for the minute change.

I’m not a mathematician here a lot of the Expressions I actually get here in this expressions category or if they’re simple I just get them from the built-in ones and the creation software.

So I would be very thankful if someone could provide the expression I need to have the digital seconds countdown instead of count up.

This is the COUNTUP expression default #DsZ#

Thank you in advance.


I’m sure some of our esteemed mathematicians will soon come up with some good formulas for this :crossed_fingers:
I’m crap at the math for Faces sorry, but I would experiment using a minus in the minute counter :thinking:

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Yeah I’ve tried to keep it simple using a minus sign with and with out parentheses with the basic second counter. But it doesn’t seem to want to work.

It works if you have a dial and you put a negative symbol in front of it I believe with the parentheses but using it for the basic seconds counter expression in different combinations with and without the parentheses in the front or the back of the parentheses or in between parentheses still doesn’t seem to work.

I too am crap at expressions. So I’m very thankful for those that are good at calculus and other mathematical expressions.



to preserve the zero 1-9:


Yes that’s the one thank you very much I appreciate it
I’m going to save this in my Expressions file in Word thank you again.


You can also write it with less characters like this:


Here is my count down timer. It requires premium, but it is open for inspection…


Topic Bookmarked :::)))

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