Countdown help please

can someone explain where to add a countdown for days not a stopwatch, when you are doing a watch face

By countdown… what do you mean exactly?
If you mean stopwatch, I’m afraid that’s a Premium/Partner feature.
If that is what you meant and you are premium, then all you have to do is add a new element, scroll down to Interactions and select it. Then there are a few “new” tags you can use to display the chronometer time in various ways:

  • #SWISRUNNING# - Stopwatch Active State (Stopwatch only)
  • #SWEMS# - Stopwatch Milliseconds (Stopwatch only)
  • #SWES# - Stopwatch Seconds (Stopwatch only)
  • #SWEM# - Stopwatch Minute (Stopwatch only)
  • #SWEH# - Stopwatch Hour (Stopwatch only)

Info on tags taken from source: Interactive Variables & Layers – How can we help?

hi i pay for premium, but when i go on facer and click interations it just gives me a circle

That circle is basically “an area” where you can touch on your watch (or click if you’re simulating the watch face from the creator/view). In the case of the stopwatch’s “circle”, if you select it and look at the bottom you’ll have a drop down/up little menu which lets you select whether that area will act as a Start/Stop for the stopwatch, or a Reset. Both of those things interact with the tags I quoted above ^. You paste those tags in other elements, such as, say, a seconds hand’s rotation field.

If you click on the following link and scroll down, there’s an example of a very basic Stopwatch which has “Inspect mode” on, meaning you can go in and see exactly how it all works:

i am a facer creator pro user

and i followed the link you put but it not working

What do you mean by that? The link works fine for me.

i mean i tried following it but the days are not going down

What days :confused: Did you actually mean a countdown not a stopwatch? If so then that goes beyond my knowledge for now I’m afraid, sorry :frowning:

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yes thats what i meant


if its just a basic count down to a specific day and time its quite easy you just work out the final date and time you are aiming for then deduct the current day and tine and display the results if you want i can give you some coding tips on how to do this

Yes please that would be so kind I’m struggling i need a day countdown, not a hour one but all will help i wanted do a watch face that says 7 days to new year but need it as a countdown because it UTC time im struggling as im in uk

If their is 365 days in the year then the code is just (365-#DD#)

Do i put (365-#DD#) exactly like that for it to countdown to new year or just something else

that is the exact code for it to do a countdown to new year just put it in a text field and text it ok

So what if i was doing to christmas day im stuck it states 351 days to go

(359-#DD#) is what you would need to input

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