Country size downloads

I know it’s not that important, but knowing that some people download your hard work does make a difference - at least to me.

So, just for fun, have you ever considered what your TOTAL number of sync’s adds up to in terms of a country? The ‘Good News’, if you’ve over 40 sync’s, you’ve nailed the Pitcairn Islands. Your hard work is quite literally, ‘on the map’. Just imagine, everyone you meet has one of your designs proudly displayed in AOD as you walk about glancing at their smartwatch (because everyone has one)…

Moving up is a bit of a leap, as the Cocos (Keeling) Islands have a whopping 573, and the Vatican City has 825 - but, if you’ve hit 825, you’ve a Pope under you’re belt - not bad buddy!

Things do get a little more difficult from this point, almost doubling the previous requirements until we reach the impossible. But still, It’s a little fun for anyone starting or stuck between Monaco and Saint Lucia. I’ve been to both and would thoroughly recommend you visit both - if you’re able.

So, there it is. Where are you as a country? Would love to hear back for all the community.



Ps. As for me, just a tiny place I’ll keep to myself, but it’s a fair bit less than my favourite place in the world when I’m not at home near Oxford in the UK, which is Barbados.


I’m UK as well, down in the SW, in Plymouth :smiley:


I’m in the north west of Italy. Liguria, near Genova


Hi @richard2 . Great Project . Stunning response . As always from the Usual suspects . Penzance , Cornwall , UK (Joke),


Hey Russell, Hope you’re well. My sync ‘country size’ is still tiny, long way to go till I can claim ‘China’.


I guess with 15K followers you must have had a few Syncs . I would be surprised if the Pope was not in there . Strange that a Topic that could be really interesting in the respect of may be getting folks to test stuff , Location or Tide table wise would be Queuing up to get on it . I do find the Community a bit GIME GIME GIME . But we all have two options . Thanks for getting back .

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