Create 24 hour movement complication with it's own Time Zone

First off, I’m new to this but was unable to find in the knowledge base so I’ll just ask. So far, I’ve created a “bug” that runs around the outside of the watch on a 24 hour movement (moving 15 degrees every hour) Now, what I want to do is have that complication set to a Time Zone independent of the rest of the watch. Basically, a “GMT- Movement”. So, two questions:

  1. How do I set a hard time zone for one watch hand?

  2. Is there a way to create a dialog box so the end user could pick the Time Zone in the watch face settings?

Thanks in advance


I don’t think Facer supports settings, but making a hand for a different time zone is as easy as offsetting it by 15 degrees in the proper direction.

Actually, I need the 24 hour hand to keep the same time zone regardless of the time zone it’s actually in. I see there some UTC tags so I could probably work from that. Pity no end user setring though.