Create a rolling ball depending watch movement

i’ve Created a watch with a sample of ball inside.
i’d Like it rall inside the internal circle like the MAZE game you see ?
Depending the inclinaison of the watch.

On my test the ball is moving but is more floating instead of naturally rolling inside the logo circle space.
It is too complicated for my developing level.

I have 2 cases to solve

  1. The ball is really rolling inside the first circle where the logo is.
  2. More complicated, have the bal rolling but only in the outside black circle
    You see ?

Could someone help me ?
I send you the watch you can test the actual ball installing it on your watch

Actually, the 2 one is easier.

Create an image with the size of the whole face, with that ball in the bottom of it.
Then use those solutions of mine for gravity-based rotation: [Tutorial] Gravity Rotation

I’ll try it.
But your solution is the one I use actually.
Note that in the second case, the bal can only move inside the externat black circle without coming inside the grey one. Not sure it is easier :wink:

It is easier, but you need to make an image where that ball is positioned in the lower part of it.