Create New Based on Other Face

Is it possible to create a new face using an existing watch face?
Now If you create a new face, you basically start from scratch, from a very simple template, or completely empty.

Often there are nice other watch faces which I would like to tweak just a little bit. Is that possible?
Something like the Inspect Mode, but saving the watch to a new face of your own…

Thanks in advance for any info!

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Hi @noodlefan! In order to protect the hard work of designers, we do not support this type of “remixing” of existing faces today. We may consider it in the future if the original designer explicitly indicates that he/she is okay with other designers using their creation as starting point.

In the meantime, do you think having more preset elements to use in our starting templates would help?

Hi Facer! Alright, that is understandable. I would love it if this feature would be implemented in the future.
Maybe it’s possible designers could also contribute backgrounds, hands, etc. into a library?
For now, having more preset elements would definitely help.

@noodlefan asset contribution may happen sooner than later :wink: stay tuned!