Create this cool effect

Is it possible to create a “line” (like the red, green and blue one) that “grows” to show the second, minutes, hour?

Of course, it is possible.

Are you interested in a solution for yourself, or in someone else creating it?

Seems easy enough. Just some forethought with the layers.

I’m going to work on something similar.

Hey @charlesf2001,
yes, for time elements, I usually do this with a “half circle” graphic (let’s say the red hoop in your example) if you can follow this logic:

  • At zero (for example), the half of the circle is loaded on the 6-9-12 side (left) of the face. It is displayed but is hidden behind a “shield” on top of it that is covering the left half of the face.

  • As time progresses, the half circle rotates and peeks out from behind the shield running through the 12-3-6 side of the face (right side).

  • At 30 seconds, the half circle stops rotating and is locked filling in the right side. A SECOND half circle appears that is flipped and setup on the right side UNDER the first half circle.

  • As time progresses, the 2nd half circle rotates and peeks out from behind the 1st half circle shield running through the 6-9-12 side of the face (right side) thus completing the whole circle.

  • At zero (12:00 position) the transparencies all reset and the process begins again.



I would like to learn how to do it.

@jmorga106 explained it, so I will add an example use:

(battery indicator)

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Hey @charlesf2001,
Something like this (below). check it out - I have inspection open and I made the hoop for only seconds. The artwork is very basic. The magic is all in the rotation and transparency formulas for the two copies of the half circle and the “shield” (just a white box in the this case).

Of course you would have to be more creative with the “shields” since the time hoops will be right next to each other.
Hmm, I might have to actually make something like this now… :smirk:



Or check this one out:

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You could use smooth value, not the jumping ones.


nice @eradicator09

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Very cool!

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Fantastic community responses to the original post! What a great team :smiley:

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