Create timer for samsung

Hey there,

Is it possible to create a timer for the samsung watchface?
Im wanting to create a timer so I can change the countdown everytime for work using my watchface.

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Welcome @wills.kaitlyn . Yes . Yes and Yes. If you are a No Pro . You can use #DWE# . Just type that in a text Box in a Text Layer and see what it does . If you are subscribed to Premium you have many other options Including the option to Run a Chrono function on your watch .

Note :- If you are looking at #DWE# on Creator you will have too make sure the Time Machine is Running and Click Active to start the Wake Timer .

I am having a bit of a joke at your expense . I have no Idea how far you have got with Facer Creator . Please Get Back here and we will help you make your first watch Face exactly how you want it .

Oh well I have reread your Question . #DWE# Is no use to yo at all …It resets every time the screen Wakes from Sleep . You will have to subscribe and get a Pro to help you.