Created for myself

I created this one for myself wandered what yall thought

Good job, I like the idea.
Personally I would have the swords rotate at the crossguard though.
Also maybe make some text a bit thicker or try a different color so it’s a bit more readable.

In the end, it’s your watch face though, so you should definitely stick to what you like best!


I will try to do a different one with the swords turning at the cross guards Im still working on how to get the mounting point where I want it on things


I gotta agree with ThaMattie on this one: it looks quite messy to me, and hard to read things properly, as if you just threw everything together quickly. Sorry Viper, but on this occasion I’m disappointed, as I know you can do much better.
Here’s a Hands Template someone else posted a while ago that I found useful

I redid it while I still like the first version it does look better and cleaner with the swords turning at the cross guards also thanks for posting the template icrltd4 it is going to be very helpful in the future


You’re welcome, it helped me a lot before too