Created Watchface Instantly Removed After Publishing?

Link: Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more

The face I just spent hours (over 3 hours now) editing has been instantly removed after publishing for “suspected copyright/trademark infringement”, with no input from me at all. For some context, it was my own picture that I cropped and edited myself, and the fonts that I used were free for personal use. I was never attempting to deceive anyone in thinking that it was an official branded watchface, I even said it was a custom made replica. There was no copyright infringement anywhere.

As I said before, this took quite a lot of work to make. The image alone took me over 2 hours to edit and prepare for Facer, and another hour to make it look exactly how I wanted it, with custom arguments and positions for the elements on screen.

Again, to any admins that can see my watchface: There is no copyright infringement anywhere. I took the picture using my own camera, edited myself, and used a free for personal use font, and I never attempted to put it up for sale anywhere.

This took me a long time to make and my first “serious” attempt at a watchface. At the very least, can you restore the watchface to the unpublished state so I can use it for private use (which is really the only reason why I even created it in the first place)?

Thank you.

P.S. If there is a better place I can post this or an email I can send this to, I apologize. This is the only proper place that I have found to post this.

Hmmm… i assume you took a photo of the dial of your own watch?

This is in fact already a copyright infringement if you use it.

It doesn‘t matter if you own the watch or take a professional photo from the web.

You use the original layout and that‘s not allowed…

Another question: Did you remove the brand logo in the watch dial?

I hope this helps to clarify…

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Also to properly contact Facer Support I’d suggest you use the following link. I don’t think Facer Staff even checks the forums that regularly :roll_eyes:

You may need to create an extra account or something, I’m not sure, for some reason Facer has like 3 different separate account databases :confused:

There is no need to create an extra account or post in the forum. In your email from Facer, there is an Appeal button for emailing Support. That way all correspondence is kept in the same conversation and can be handled more efficiently.


Yeah @GAUSS is right. You can’t make a face that looks like another real-life watch. Even if you make a few little changes, they will bust you for that because it’s someone else’s design.

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I received no email from facer.

Also, what everyone else is saying, I understand. I just want to know if there is a way to appeal this, even just for private (unpublished) use.

Did you check the email account that you registered at Facer with? The automated system usually sends an email to the member when a design is removed.

Yep, there was no email.

To receive no email is extremely odd.