Creating new face issue

Hi guys,

Awesome software for creating watch faces.

Just a quick question, I have designed two faces now and something odd is happening. I select the 24 hour format, but when syncing, it doesn’t go to my phone first of all, I have to publish it before I can try it out. Also, it does not keep the 24 hour format, it just uses the 12 hour format.

Is there something I am missing here.

Also, when my watch goes into “dim mode” now, it does not show the dim details…

Please can you help me out, I really love designing all these faces, but I need it to work.

Kind regards
Allen van Jaarsveld

Hi im new here not sure if im in the right section but im experiencing issues on my gear sport and facer watchfaces.
Basically watchfaces downloaded from facer keep revert back to factory watchface style after few minutes
Does anyone have the same problem? Is there any solutions out there?