Creating other/non-modular faces

Hi everyone! I discovered this app yesterday and I’m thrilled someone finally found a better solution to Apple’s lack of true face customization. I’ve been playing around, getting my feet wet with the creator, but I’ve noticed only a small portion of the apple watch faces available for the watch are available to create/edit in the creator. The “create new design” button allows, for me, only creation of the various modular faces as well as meridian, photo, and extra large. I’d like to play around with making complications for some of the other available faces, such as California or the Chronographs. I’ve played around and confirmed that it is possible to add facer complications from custom faces to other faces in the Watch app on my phone, and facer will allow the upload of any face directly from the watch, so theoretically it would be possible to create a complication of the correct type on the creator, push it to your phone, make a new face on your phone or watch - California for example - then add the complication you just made to that, and reupload it to facer. I see that some of the top 100 premium faces appear to be using other templates (Michael O’Day’s “MOD-215 Californian” for example is a California face) so I assume it is possible. I did try and upload a California face as a draft and try to open it in creator, just to see what would happen, but it wouldn’t let me.

If this isn’t a feature that exists yet I fully understand as I know Apple watch support is a fairly new thing for facer, but since it does seem like some others have figured it out I wanted to confirm with people more knowledgeable than me if those people are just using the workaround mentioned above or if there is something I am missing.

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Hi @peetey897 welcome to the community. Hope you will get the answer soon from the talent here. Good luck.


Welcome @peetey897
So you noticed . I think it is a shame that Faces can be made out of Apple Watch Faces and Ported to Facer rather than created there . Before Creator Was opened up to all users to Create Apple Faces you had to be a Premium Subscriber to do anything . In the old days ( about 2 Months ago ) you could put Photos in a face or Port Faces from your Watch . I do not think there was a way to include Facer Complications . I did not go there in those days as I Can not Afford to Subscribe . Besides that I Enjoy being a Beta Tester for Free.

So Long Story Short You have to be a Subscriber .

Hi Russel! Thanks for the reply. I am subscribed to both Facer Premium and the Pro creator as I wanted more tools to play around with, so if it’s locked behind a pro subscription theoretically I should be able to see it. I am able to import faces from my watch into facer (tested this last night) but I am not able to open them for editing when they are one of the more off the wall face types. As I said I can see where you could use this feature as a workaround and I will probably be playing around and testing it out, but I’d love to be able to create a California face from the start instead of having to go around the horn with it.

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OK . I see . Well if it is not documented you will have to try Invoke on here a reply from one of the designers that is able to use that . I do not think it is a Trick just for the Partners . I would DM one of them . They might not want to share Publicly .