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Creation of a collection

Small question
I have just passed Facer creator Pro and how to create a collection ?

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On any watch faces you have that you would like to add to a collection, just click the “+” symbol to the left of the watch face on it’s page. It will ask you to create a collection and you can go from there. Just as a heads up, be careful because once you create the collection you can never delete it or change it’s internet address which includes the name of your collection. You can rename it on it’s webpage, but the address will always show what it was first called. I have “zombie” collections because I no longer need them but I can’t delete them, so they just keep on going in the world of the living dead. :laughing:


thank you


Double thank you, I needed to know that also.

Looking at your profile, it seems that zombie collections stay hidden from the public and are only a nuisance for your own account, right? And, a face can only belong in 1 collection?

And holy cow… I’m counting 36 collections and a total of 4357 faces! But Facer says only “1.0k faces” for some reason.


OK, yes on the website the last three used ones are on top. All the others you have to click the link to see. If you want to, you can put the same face in several collections. Every time I post an Anadigi watch with analog hands and digital time, I put it into my Analog & Hybrids collection and my Anadigi Hybrids collection. Same goes for step count and weather into those respective collections. Facer is capped at 1k for the number of faces listed. For followers it starts showing above 1,000 as 1k, 1.1k, 1.2k etc. But if you use the phone app to look at your account it will show you the exact number of followers.