Creator not saving my work

I’ve lost many hours of work and head scratching because Creator didn’t save my work even though the save indicator showed that it had been saved. Anybody else having this problem?

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Just did a saving test with a face that had a couple of Gifs on it . Took about 15 second . It was there for opening in my profile . Saving was very sticky ther other day but seems a bit better Today .

Sorry to hear that. I’ve had that issue several times.

It is either the Facer backend not being available, probably because of maintenance.

Or, if you are using a browser instead of Facer Creator App, then it can happen that the browser hangs. This is usually caused by opening other tabs that load all kinds of code in the background, movies for example.

Eitherway, good practice is:

  • save your work often enough
  • copy paste complex coding in a separate place (notepad or what ever)

Tom . Do use the Downloaded Facer App .

I’m using on Chrome, because of problems yesterday i saved several times today. At the last save it hung up- i waited 5 minutes and gave up and closed the tab. On reopening i was back zt the beginning again with none of my saves present. :frowning:
Interesting comment you msde about open tabs - ill close all but creator when saving tomorrow and see what happens.

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Facer App is still broken since a while on MAC. Takes forever to load a watch face…

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You saying it takes ages on the APP . I downloaded it in the early days . Thinking I could save my work on my Laptop . It was very top Heavy and Very Slow .

I think I resolved the problem - my PC, Laptop and mobile phone were all synchronising to my Google drive a/c once I deleted history on all my PC etc suddenly speeded up quite considerably and Creator seems to be saving as it should- I’ll get back if things change again


Yeah Well Done . Easy to say After . Clear those Caches now and again . I do it on my watch now and again .

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