Creator pro not showing pro elements

Hello all, new here so this may be a stupid question LOL
I upgraded to creator pro, but I don’t see the pro elements, only the basic elements. I’ve tried different browsers, cleaning cache… I can’t think of what else to try? Any thoughts?


Welcome to the Community Marie. you’ll find lots to learn here, and plenty of helpful people too :smiley: I’m just a free user sorry, but I’m sure someone will soon be here to help you with your issue. Happy Creating :grin:

It sounds like you need to get help from @Facer_Official on that one, you can contact them at: or email them at:

Thank you. I think it could be user error (ignorance?).
It appears the process for Apple Watches is different than that outlined in the documents. Perhaps I should have them hire me to write the documentation :smiley: LOL
Thank you!


Thanks for the welcome! :slight_smile:

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Hello Marie,
Can you be specific as to how the Apple design process is different from what is outlined in documents?

Of course! First, the Creator Pro tutorials and documents do not show even ONE apple watch.

Second, unless I am doing something wrong, none of the elements, complications, or anything else, show up when I attempt to edit a new ‘photo’ watchface. I’ve tried importing, but that just takes me to a publish page. And of course the ‘custom’ option is for beta users only. EDIT I will add that I CAN get those complications and elements when I attempt to create any other of the round watch options.

So, I’m at a loss as to how I can connect my complications and customize the looks.

At this point, I have concocted a complicated process of watch, phone, computer, design, computer, phone, watch, to try to create a watch face with the correct complications, but the process uses something in the Facer app, though even that doesn’t work, as I can change the image of a complication, but cannot specify WHICH complication it should use.
WHEW If I just don’t know what I’m doing PLEASE educate! LOL

You should have complications for WearOS designs in Creator with a Pro subscription.
As for Apple, that is a bit different and is still‌ in development for Creator - which is probably why the information regarding complications is not available yet.

Yes, I am seeing that now. Do you know how I can get a refund on my creator pro. Doesn’t do me any good if all I can do is what I can already do with my own phone LOL

Sorry, I don’t know how to do that other than to suggest that you email