Creator Pro Payment Monthly?

is the payment for the creator pro done monthly? Can I cancel it every month? There is nothing to read about this? Not very trustworthy in my opinion.

Hi @blueliner8455

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Yes, pro is monthly and you can disable it each month. I’ve tried it for 1 month and turned it of again, worked just fine.

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Cool, thank you

Hi @ThaMattie
Would you please tell me how to disable it? I upgrade a week ago and I am completely lost! I thought that I would have access to different dials, graphics, meters…etc. in the “add element” section of creator but I guess I have to be a graphic designer and create my own. So it’s time to go! Any help appreciated.

Hey @rmpfa

It’s been a while since I had it, but I think it was under “manage account”

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@rmpfa @blueliner8455 Welcome to the community blueliner.
The pro version allows the following abilities:

  • Color Customization
  • Interactive Variables & Layers
  • App Launchers
  • Stopwatch
  • Watch face versioning
  • Statistics
  • Customizable Complications
  • Promotional Images

I find the giving premium members the color customization and tap to launch features very useful.

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