Creator Send to Watch Button

This is an unusual ask, but it might help to solve an issue that has been reported in several threads. When using the Facer for IOS, the iPhone Facer app is not connected to the user’s account. As a result, new faces developed in Creator can’t be sent to the watch paired with the iPhone unless it’s published first.

Since I’d like to test faces before publishing, I have an idea to test that requires this change in Creator.

If you could place the Send to Watch button on the top left corner of the development page instead of the lower right, it may be possible to open the web-based Creator from Safari on the iPhone and then send the unpublished face to the paired watch.

I can open the creator page on the iPhone, but the browser page can’t be scrolled to the right to access the button in its current position.


well from what i know… (and i might be wrong) they want you to publish it before you can send it because even on my android device i have to publish it. which i believe is probably to save the layers but i dont think its made public… again i might be wrong

@richpdcomm @PharaohG You can indeed preview your face before publishing. If you hit the send to watch button, the Creator will save a draft of the face if there are any unsaved changes and sync that draft to your watch. This can all be done before publishing.

thanks for clearing that up @Marcus :slight_smile:

Right. And, that’s the problem. With Facer for IOS, the phone app is not connected to the Facer account and the Send To Watch doesn’t work.
I’m interested in trying to send it locally from the phone browser since I can do so with other face links.

I’d like to send draft projects to my IOS-connected watch without publishing first since the effort isn’t completed yet. Publishing drafts isn’t wha any of us would want.

Unfortunately, the Send to Watch button can’t be accessed on the right side from the phone browser.

@Facer_Official Any thoughts on this? It might allow IOS users to send draft faces to their watches for testing before publishing. I’d be happy to test the functionality and provide details if successful.