Critiques requested: Steampunk

Just to chip in.

If someone has not posted the link as Hyper Text. You can get to the preview page by clicking on the Name of the Watch Face.

Rich sorry to miss lead you I thought a Flying Tourbillon was what you have. I was just trying to be clever with big words without knowing what they mean. I could Google it but is it the one tha spins round and round while rotating. Gosh that would be a thing. Cold be done with a 3 second animation. He He . Don’t get me started. I am trying to give this up. Fat Chance.

First time I have ever wanted to make one of these. I have actually got a printer, besides that the CAD will be a good reference. Perhaps another PLA Face.


I think maybe what I thought was a flying tourbillon is actually a gyro tourbillon. Looks like there are more types than one might have thought about. Doubles, triples, quads. Mine was a non-specific tourbillon. :laughing:

So, are you going to make a real one?


No Rich the one above is what you have the Gyro Tourbillon rotates through the X axis as well . I did have a look in the night as I was not sleeping . I have found these days that Chocolate in the evening is too much of a Stimulant . :eyes:

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Brilliant, looks just right now Rich :clap::+1::ok_hand: