Cryptex WC3 Watchface

Not sure if I posted any of this series here or not, but just sent this one in for review…


WOW! Cool idea @Rator


Well done, amazing

Wonderful design!

And I really love the box!

That box is brilliant! nice watch face too :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey thanks everybody! And thanks again @mikeoday for your help with the coding of the bezel, couldn’t have done this series without you!

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4th in the series, in review now…
Generator Studios - Cryptex WC4 - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer


You are most welcome! I really do love the box!

I agree with @mikeoday. @Rator your box is sensational.

Thanks everyone! I wanted to try something different, also, the original promo pics I did for this series were…not the best, so I wanted to start over and went with the box idea. (I actually ended up using the original promo pics for the box sides)

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Love the design. Are the second and hour hand colors changeable?

Thanks Keith! The hands on the WC2 and WC5 ARE changeable yes, the other models are not.