Current Work in progress

Her is my current project. Working title:GAUSS-Circles. My wife already loves it and i must confess it pleases me very much as well . :wink:

It was entirely built in 3D with Autocad.

It will have a lot of customization possibilities.


Love the red and way you placed the circles in this

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Thank you, @selia67!

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If its this amazing now, just wait until you can customize it. Excellent work yet again!!!


This is a tremendous layout. I really like it a lot. It has a strong A. Lange & Söhne flair to it.


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Thank you very much, @jmorga106 and @chadwgraves37!

Customization is ready, you can test… just press on the areas where the screws are and in the middle of the main information display.

I added a nice plasma and a rotating pattern as well in this version.

I must confess, that this i my most loved watch face now. The customization is really wonderful and it looks awesome on the watch. Beside all that the readybility is great and even the dim mode works as expected (was a little tricky - had do create 5 shadowmask because of the different heights in the watch).

Check it out in the main screen with a black background…

That is so cool! :sunglasses:

I love your work. This is exceptional. Thank you for your hard work!

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