'CURRENTLY WEARING:' featured watch face on profile page

I noticed that some profiles have the 'CURRENTLY WEARING: featured watch face in the upper right, overlapping the profile banner and some profiles don’t have it.

How and where can this ‘CURRENTLY WEARING:’ option controlled (either empty or showcasing watch)?

Any insights greatly appreciated…

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It shows the face that the designer is currently wearing. If that person is working on a new face, for example, it wouldn’t show anything.


Hello - thanks so much for your reply. The strange thing is that I have a different watch face on my watch from what is on my profile page. Seem to be some voodoo going on…

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That notification take a while to update. Also the User might be wearing a Native Face.

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I noticed that if I chose a face directly that is on my watch it may not show on the profile page. If I hit the SYNC button on my mobile, web page, or in Creator it will update my profile page.