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Curved text along path

Would be nice to be able to have ability to add curved text using an arc or circular guide which can be sized by the user directly in Creator.

Search online, there’s tools for that.

Yes, that would be nice.
If it is static text you could prepare it as transparent image (of double of intended size) in some better graphic tool like photoshop or gimp and import it like that.
If it is dynamic text, like time, date etc. there is currently no directly supported way.
But this wish is very old, and meanwhile is the top one by votes. Better would be to concentrate votes on the original post, than split them into multiple repeating suggestions. (in the feature request part or forum the posts can be ordered not just by time, but also by votes)


Thanks for linking the other post. Have added my vote there.


Appreciate there are tools in other applications. But this is a feature request for future enhancement in the facer creator.

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I understand that you’re looking for a feature request, just in case someone else comes along and reads this there’s also available https://www.mockofun.com/create/ It will let you create curved text in a number of patterns online, and best of all it’s free

Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

Why is that a bad thing? You can still save your creation for free as long as you provide attribution for the use of the design. As you should. Sometimes my description is half description and half attribution.

This is a great tool that gives you a lot of control over the design.

Hi @allen.klesh
Tx for sharing the link. Bookmarked it

I would like to bump this for the simple reason that it would be convenient to curve not just text but other watch data such as digital time or date along the edges of the round curve of the watch face. Can that be done with text from outside source injected into text line and placed on face? Would also be convient to have a way to flip the text upside down in the circle for design sake.

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