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Custom apple watch faces

Hi there!
I have seen multiple faces (apple faces) with clock hands.
When I’m creating apple face, I don’t see option of clock hands.
I thought maybe it’s Facer Creator Pro feature, but I still don’t see those options.
Thank you foro your help

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Any Apple watchface that shows analog hands other than the templets provided by Apple, are watchfaces that the creator made on their Apple watch and exported into Facer. If you don’t have an Apple watch and a Facer account, you can’t do them. I’m not going to spend $1,500 dollars just to make custom free watchfaces. Just not gonna happen!


Ah so every Custom watch face thats not made by template, it’s made on Apple watch and exported?

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Yes, that is what one of the moderators of the Facer Facebook group told me. He has both Apple and WearOS watches so he knows about both worlds.