Custom Font fix due?

Any idea when there will be a fix to show custom fonts ?

Most of my custom fonts are showing. I came across 2 today that don’t work, but I was able to find some that are almost identical, so it wasn’t a problem. That seems to be the best “fix”.

Seems some did work for me last week, but this week they seemed to have stopped. On the Creator page and on the watches. They were quite specific to the theme fonts

Today. The fix was today.

custom fonts don’t show or give error only when the font you downloaded doesn’t have all the characters or letters, or at least that’s how font problems with me manifest. only when the font used is not complete

The very real problem of custom fonts not showing at all, the topic of this thread, was fixed two months ago.

No I have a quine not working in .ttf so I took another almost identical but I had to search a long time on the net …