Custom font issue

A user has an issue with one of my faces not displaying a font. It IS an uploaded font, and it works on my Gear S3 Frontier, but here’s the screenshot the user sent me. Can anyone figure out why this might be happening and how I can fix it? Thanks!

Hmmm… was it an ttf or otf font? otf can cause problems…

While you are researching the problem, have you tried a similar font to see if that makes a difference? At least the customer will be happy in the meantime.

It was a TTF. It works totally fine on my Gear S3 Frontier.

I have not tried a different font yet as I dont have a quick back and forth with them to test. I’m waiting to see if a re-sync worked and to find out what watch they have.

Figured I’d put it up in here in the meantime 'cause you guys know all the things lol. Actually gonna check to make sure I dont have any effects on the text. Pretty sure i dont but gonna look. Thanks for your help everyone!

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Ok it was a Fossil Sport. The user rebooted and reinstalled Facer on the watch and phone, still same problem. I’d hate to have to rework the watch just for one user. No one else has complained of any issues btw.

Any ideas?