Custom Font not working properly

I’ve uploaded a custom font and use it for all texts. The Facer Creator is showing the font, the GIF is with the font (see: But the preview and my Watch both don’t use the font. Why is there an option to uplaod a Font when this won’t work?


Hi there! Sorry to hear you’re having an issue with the custom font feature. I’ll have our dev team look into this ASAP.

Hi @HuppiFluppi! Our team investigated the issue and it seems that some fonts aren’t rendered properly on some hardware. It seems limited to a very small number of fonts (1 out of 20) from their tests. We’re investigating the issue and hoping to resolve it in the next few weeks. Based on your experience, is this is a common issue or is it isolated to very specific fonts?


I think this is a common issue, because this is the second time I’ve uploaded a font which is not working. The first time I deleted the watchface.

I’m having the same issue. I’m using a font to display weather icons, but the font doesn’t appear on the preview or the watch.

The preview on the watch displays correctly, but the preview on the phone does not. The thumbnail in my face list displays correctly as well. Only when rendered in real time does the font fail to display correctly.

@Crownfox Which font are you using?

This one right here. I’m using it to show the weather for the next three days.

@Crownfox Thanks! Did you use the .ttf file, or a different one?

I can’t speak for @Crownfox, but I always used TTF files. They are working in the Facer Designer and in the watchface-stills, but not in the preview on both the App and the Website. Also it’s not working in the watchface on the smartwatch :frowning:
When I edit a watchface with a custom font, it is not available anymore. It’s replaced with a default font. It seems like the font-file was removed from the server.

@gavin I used the .ttf file.

Thanks a lot @Crownfox & @HuppiFluppi! I’m going to send this specific font to our QA team and see if they can figure out what’s going on here (assuming it’s the same issue you are both seeing).


@Crownfox & @HuppiFluppi could you send links to your watchfaces?

There it is. I had to try and remake it, since I postponed the idea while waiting for a fix. Now the font doesn’t show up at all. Even in the editor - where previously it showed. It won’t let me re-upload the font either. It seems as if the font is just missing. So, I’ve renamed the font and re-uploaded it under the new name. The problem persists, so it’s repeatable at least.

This is mine: HuppiFluppi - Sketched - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Same problem as @Crownfox described…

@gavin: Any news about this?

@HuppiFluppi Sorry for the delay! We worked on a fix which should have been deployed recently - could you try again and let us know if you still see the issue?

Hi, I’m joining in to add I’m also having a problem with a custom font, specifically Google’s Material Icons font. I uploaded the ttf to Facer and was able to see the proper icons in the creator and when I sent it to my watch:

However, when I saved the watch and returned to the list of watches, the face looked like this:

Then when I exited to my list of watches again and returned to the creator, the face looked like this:

I’m guessing there’s something Facer doesn’t like about this particular TTF font. Can you check this one out too please?

I’m having the same issue. I’m trying a custom font in red. It shows fine in the creator website, and it will show in white after my watch face dims. But it will not show in red when my watch brightens for viewing.

It’s been an year since the last reply on this topic, but as much as I see the problem with the custom fonts is still there…

I’m using Font Awesome for some icons (for battery) and another font for some texts in cyrillic (different letters from latin). Both are appearing ok on the Facer Creator web app, but when I upload the face to my Samsung Galaxy Watch they appear as unknown symbols like this -> 

The biggest problem for me is that even using the standard fonts from the dropdown in Facer Creator (for example - Roboto series which as Google full UTF-8 font containing all cyrilic letters), when I insert text in cyrillic (абвгдежзийклмнопрстуфхцчшщьъюя) they also appear as unknown symbols on the watch while displaying normally on Facer Creator.

Here is a link for my watch face: Stilian Goranov - Pop Art Bulgarian - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Anyone?! I really need to get over this problem… because cyrillic is crucial to make a decent Bulgarian layout… and Russian as well :slight_smile: