Custom fonts - how to guide, compatible formats, etc.?

I have searched but can not find anything - Is there some sort of guide or tutorial that details how to use custom fonts and, in particular, what font file formats are supported by Facer on all watch models?

That’s simple to answer. ttf=yes. otf=no.

There are online tools to convert them available, just google but in some cases it will work when you change the name from .otf to .ttf.

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Thanks for that!

So, do you know if it is possible to convert image files ( say, .png files ) into a .ttf font?

What I would like to do is use a set of greyscale or colourful images to create a font. I guess these would be bitmap fonts, is that right? Can one use these in Facer or do the fonts have to be raster based in order to be stored as a .ttf font?

Thanks again.

You should ask @dario.marnoni. he is experimenting with a font editor at the moment. I think there will be a solution to convert b/w png in fonts but this will be probably a commercial font editor/converter.

Greetings, GAUSS.

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I use Calligraphr - Draw your own fonts.


Cheers, thanks guys, I will look into it. :slight_smile: