Custom homemade fonts no longer work

Every time I try to use a homemade font or one I paid for, they no longer transfer to watch. Thought it was a glitch until I noticed others having the same problem. Freedom of creativity was the main reason many started creating, Is there a fix for this or do I now have to use other creation software instead of Facer?

Hello, welcome to Facer Community. I’m not sure what you mean by a “homemade” font. Are you creating the fonts, or do you obtain them from a font site?
I use hundreds of custom fonts, but have found two or three that do not work on Facer Creator. In those cases I have been able to find something very similar at one of the font sites, so it has not been a problem. You might try that.

Having the same problem :frowning:. Fonts I used before don’t work any longer :confused:

@karina.t I was going to look at your designs in order to see what fonts you’ve used, but I couldn’t find anything that you created so I couldn’t test them.

The only ones left are those made with downloaded fonts. I had a few which were not published yet with fonts created with “font forge”. They synced fine until a couple weeks ago. I ended up just deleting them. Unfortunately, any new face I try to create will not even transfer any of the downloaded fonts which worked before. Thanks for your help though. I appreciate it.

Unfortunately, any new face I try to create will not even transfer any of the downloaded fonts which worked before.
How many fonts are you referring to? As I mentioned above, I’ve found only a few that don’t work.
As a test, have you tried to use a common downloaded font like Gotham?

I’m having trouble adding custom fonts to Facer Creator. Not sure if this is the same issue they are talking about. I use an iPad & It’s always worked before but today I have been unable to add them to the font list when editing watch. This is true even with fonts that I have used before. If I duplicate a watch, I am able to use the fonts that are already loaded from when I previously made that watch but I am unable to add any new ones.

Yep, same here. Previously used fonts no longer work for new faces. I even asked a friend to open a Facer creator account to test fonts which worked before, but no success. It appears to be a new restriction. Kind of takes the fun out of creativity. Thanks to all who helped out. I appreciate it.

Kind of takes the fun out of creativity.
Just find a similar font that works.

I’ve tried them all, none work anymore. My friend tried too. He even tried downloading fresh free fonts with no success. Even tried morpheus font. All custom fonts we’ve tried default to the same generic style font when synced. Thanks though.

What device are you using when you upload the custom fonts to Creator? Windows? Mac?

Windows. I’ve even tried uninstalling and reinstalling Facer creator hoping that might solve the issue. Did the same with the watch but no luck. This issue started only about a couple weeks ago. Everything created before seems unaffected.

Morpheus works for me on Creator.

I’ve even tried uninstalling and reinstalling Facer creator
Are you using the web version of Creator? What version of Windows are you using? Are fonts the only thing that you can’t upload. Images ok?

Windows 10 and I keep it updated weekly. I’m guessing the Facer app for Windows is the web version because it will not load unless connected to WiFi. Images still load fine, it seems to be just the fonts which are no longer working for me since about two weeks ago. I don’t believe there’s anything left to try. Now I just have to figure out where to go to cancel the pro creator membership fees. Thank you

This is a long shot, but have you tried uploading your font with your security/anti-virus turned off? Not that you should keep it off, but it may be a clue. Before you cancel, it might be a good idea to email Facer Support to see if they have any idea why this happening.

Do the fonts have to be installed into the OS , I have been using them from the TTF file I saved in the work folder. I’ve not installed them. But they don’t show up on the watch. They do show in the edit software.