Custom Minute start and stop points

Ok, so I have been working on my first face. And as always I have bit off more than I can chew.

Looking to get minutes to start at a specific point and stop at a specific point. Then Jump back to the starting point.

0 = 354
60 = 271

I for the life of me can’t figure it out.

are those degrees? (354 and 271 degrees?) assuming 12:00 is 0 degrees (or 360)?

Yes that is correct.

ok @rob.willcutt,
60 and 0 are the same point. the 271 degrees will be like 59.99999 minutes.

take these tasks in pieces. First you need to know how far the hand will turn. a sweep from 354 to 271 degrees is 277 degrees total. 6 degrees on top to zero, then another 271 degrees around. So 277/360 = 0.7694. That means for every one degree of time sweep, the hand will only move 0.7694 degrees.

Lastly, your hand doesn’t start at zero, it starts 6 degrees to the left, so just subtract 6.



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Thank you for the help. I really hate it when math kicks your butt.

You’ll start “seeing” the math in your designs eventually. But I understand, it all looks like those wrought iron tavern puzzles for now. :smile: