Custom Second Hand Malfunction on Fossl Watch

Hi everyone. I have a custom expression that I use for a unique second hand movement. Seems to work fine for me on my Samsung S3 on several watch faces I have published with no complaints form anyone else until now. However, I have a user who has asked me this question: “does the second hand flash back to the upright 12 o’clock after each tick or is that a bug?” The user in question owns a Fossil HQ Explorer R gen 4.

Has anyone else seen this? I have listed the expression below. Thanks for any help.


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I just tested this on my TicWatch E that I use for testing. (I use it because if it runs on it anything can run it.) My TicWatch reacts exactly like you described, bounces between the proper second and the 12 position, alternately. Must be an issue with WearOS on some watches.

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This seems to work ( in Creator ) as an alternative to using a conditional expression:



I don’t know if it will solve the problem on the Fossil or TickWatch though.

@ircrotale @mikeoday
I just loaded it up on my TicWatch E test watch. It works something close to the way the editor shows it. It does a bunch of jerky movements between the seconds very quickly instead of the smooth movement the editor shows, but it does cure the flipping back to 12 between every tick of the second hand. Beings I’m a tinkerer I tinkered with your formula.


On my TicWatch E test watch it works exactly like the editor shows. Nice smooth movement between tic marks and stops for a moment before moving again.

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Cool, I’m glad you found a solution.


Thank you @mikeoday and @mrantisocialguy for your replies.

@mrantisocialguy, I will give this a shot and see if it works for my user. As a note, I compared all three expressions and yours “jumps” faster than mine or Mike’s, making it a little less smooth. Too bad I can’t make it where the expression can be adjusted according to OS.

I may have to seriously consider scrapping this movement altogether, since it is the smooth swing that makes it unique. Either that, or I put in a caveat in the description for specific operating systems, which isn’t really out of the question.


Since I bought the TicWatch E to use as a test bed for my faces, the ones that causes issues with it I have started adding a disclaimer to my descriptions. I have also made test watch faces for people to use in case there is an issue caused by their watch.

Here is my disclaimer:
DISCLAIMER: Some functions in this watch face DID NOT work correctly when tested using my TicWatch E (Express), but functioned fine on my Samsung Gear S3 and Active 2.

And here is the link to my test watches in case you ever need to send someone there.
Test Compatibility Faces


Thanks a million @mrantisocialguy

@ircrotale @mikeoday I have wrote a new test watch to cover the issues discussed in this thread. Here is a link to the test watch face MAG 570 - TEST ONLY It covers all the codes that I am aware of for altering the way a second hand moves. I have a description of how the hands should behave if working properly and the exception for some WearOS watches with the XHour style of movement. I have left inspection open for anyone to see which style of code may be causing a problem for them.


Cool! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

To help people find it, if you wanted to, you could create a new thread ( in say, /resources/hand ) that has a preview of your test face and a little description to go with it.


I updated my thread with the other test faces I’ve made in Resources/Other
FREE Test Faces To Use As Needed


Cool, thanks!

Awesome stuff @mrantisocialguy! Thank you so much for all your help.

Your Placid watchfaces on Huawei Watch 2 show the same bug. Not always, but often. This is a mistery. The seconds jumps as described.

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@adriano, I am guessing there exists some compatibility issues with Wear OS watches and this type of expression. I also have one design that a Wear OS user says the minutes and seconds rotate counter-clockwise, even though they rotate clockwise, as intended, in the Creator and on my Samsung. Without knowledge of which version each watch model is using and how individual manufacturers may have limited functionality for performance or security purposes, I will likely have to stick with a caveat regarding Wear OS watches. The only other option is to create operating system specific products where I can use my signature second hand for Tizen users and a standard second hand for Wear OS users. Just not sure I want to go that route, for creative and logistical reasons.