Custom Strap and Cover

Look what my Wife did to her Galaxy Active.

I know there are a lot of Straps Bracelets and Clip On covers out there. Please Share you customisations.


That face fits the strap colors well. I did no modifications to my watch, only to my strap. It is very broad and sticks to skin that cant breathe underneath. The warm and sweaty environment helps bacteria to thrive so much it can cause skin irritation or inflamation. So I took tools and punched fancy holes into the rubber-like material.


Yeah . Sweaty resin Bands . Good hole punching . I count 4 different sizes . If I was in a workshop I doubt I could find the right ones to do that . Good set . My Stainless Bracelet just gave up . I am actually enjoying the Resin Strap that came with my Active . So Light . I have a red strap somewhere that went really well with Andrei’s last face . I will show you .


Thanks to Lucky Andrei for the Face. Thanks Amazon for the Strap.


I have to replace every rubber watch strap on every watch just for that reason. I like metal bands better anyway, but the rubber skin irritation is very real for me also.


I first replaced the rubber band with cheap metal one, but after 2 years the rods between links started to break. So quick measure was taken and it eventually worked (and still works).
I had nothing to loose, in worst case I would either throw the original band away because it was sticky, or because I messed up its “customization” :slight_smile:


Added a Bezel and a Metal Strap to my Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm -


I am a firm believer of metal straps on the Galaxy watches. I absolutely detest those silicone rubber straps.


I’ve always used metal bands because they coordinate with my bracelets. My first metal band came from a jewelry store. The gold faded on that one from rose to yellow after 2 years of use on a Moto 360. The watch lasted 2 years as well. My next watch, a Fossil, had a metal band that outlived the 2-yr-old Fossil watch. I am still using that Fossil band on a TicWatch. I’ve been happy with my TicWatch, but I’ll probably go back to a Fossil next time simply because of the great band. (Doing a watch review based on the band quality is like buying a car based on the console cupholder size. What can I say? I’m a female.)


For me, a watch is always a piece of jewellery.
… and i have a special taste.

My wife gave me this black 38mm carlyle.
I wanted the small version because I have relatively small wrists for a man.
But I couldn’t get along with the original tapes.
My best friend has been looking for this special bracelet for a very long time.
As far as I know, this is a “Holzkern”.
This brand is not so cheap in Germany.
But I love this mix of black steel and real wood.

If I ever decide to go for a larger model, I will probably go with the leatherman watch strap.
I already own a jewelery bracelet from this series.

These are also quite expensive in Germany.

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I have the band from my Fossil Carlyle on my Galaxy Watch first generation. Best watchband I’ve ever owned.