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Custon Weather Icons, Not showing up

Hello everyone, My custom weather icons are not showing up anymore. I changed them to the stock weather icons and they show up perfectly. I am using GW4 classic 46mm. Everything is up to date/enabled.
Another weird thing is that I have 2 facer icons showing up in my Samsung Wearable app on my phone. I uninstalled Facer on my watch and phone/ re installed them and 2 came back again. Any one having this problem.? Maybe a Samsung problem. Comments would be appreciated.

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I’ve no idea about any of it sorry, but maybe change the resolution of your images :thinking:
Assuming they’re all transparent png?

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Marvin having a brain fart. Everything is kept on the Facer server. Try reinstalling your images. Make sure they are not too big. I know there are issues arround the weather Icons. I cleared all my cookies regularly for a while to get them to work but that has settled down now.