Cutting ticks from 1.5 degree white star

Here is a 640x640 star to cut tick patterns from. Yup it’s there a PNG file where the lines are white so you’re seeing white-on-white (but it’s really white-on-transparent). Right-click on the black plus(+) and save the image. Then pull it into PhotoShop, add a black background and you’ll see the tick lines.
I usually have the second ticks be longer than sub-second ticks (like the black pattern below). Second ticks occur every 6-degrees in a 360-degree circle. this star is every 1.5-degrees, so you have full second ticks plus, 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 sub-second ticks. Just cutout what you don’t need.
Hour ticks occur every 30-degrees.

I know these look egg-shaped on this webpage but they’re not. Just right-click and save.

Here’s a black tick version - same size black-on-transparent:

I re-use it all the time to pull it into photoshop and use circle masks to cut my tick patterns from it like this one:

Let me know if you have any questions


Thanks for shearing!

Is this thread to old that these links are broken? they wont load for me.

hey @syntaxracing, I’m not sure. I see the images are not part of the thread anymore. I see Facer (or Facer’s ISP) is using AWS for cloud storage. Maybe they trim old stuff after some time window. I would have to rebuild the images. But you can do the same in Photoshop.

  1. draw vertical line (2px wide) and center it.

  2. copy the line and turn 1.5-degrees (1/4 second)

  3. copy the first line again and turn 3-degrees (1/2 second)

  4. copy the first line again and turn 4.5-degrees (3/4 second)
    …all of that is for 0-to-1 second

  5. now take those 4 layers and copy them all.

  6. While the copied layers are highlighted, rotate them as a group 6-degrees (ticks for second #1)

  7. copy and rotate the original group 12-degrees (#2 second ticks)

  8. copy again and rotate 18-degrees (#3 second ticks)

  9. copy again and rotate 24-degrees (#4 second ticks)
    …now you have all of the lines for ticks between 0 and the tick just before 5 seconds

  10. now take every line you’ve made so far and copy the entire group.

  11. rotate 30-degrees (5-10 seconds)

  12. rotate the original group 60-degrees (10-15 seconds)
    …now you have a lot of lines. These lines cover 0-15 seconds. But they are also lines that pass through the center of the face so they also cover 30-45 seconds.

  13. Copy the entire group of lines again and flip the whole group horizontally.
    …now you should have the whole face of lines.
    Just crop them to make the ticks you want. I use a circle as a cutter.


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