DaFit K22 How to get watch faces onto my smartwatch

I have a DaFit K22 smart watch and am inquiring on how to get watch faces from facer to go into my watch?
Any suggestions?

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Hi Dear Jump12k… you need install the Facer app on your watch…Then active the Facer user account on your phone and your watch.

I’m sorry but you CANNOT use that watch with Facer. Only Samsung, Apple and any watch using WearOS from Google. To see the full list of supported watch brands and models please see: https://help.facer.io/hc/en-us/articles/1260801721949-Smartwatch-brands-models-supported-by-Facer .


In addition to the good information provided by mrantisocialguy not all designs work on all of the supported watches. That is true of the newest Procedural Designs. Always make sure to read the description with each design and contact the designer or Facer Support if there are problems with a supported model watch.