Daily Mix No Internet Connection when connected to Bluetooth and Wifi

On my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, I have Facer version running, I try to use the daily mix but when I am on the daily mix screen I try to refresh to get a new watch face but it says no internet connection even though I am connected to my phone via bluetooth and also to my home network via wifi. The center icon for the daily mix just shows a star, it does not show a preview of the watch face. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Facer from the the Galaxy store, installing and reinstalling Facer from the Google Play store, and also factory resetting the Gear S3 and it still says No internet connection on the daily mix. I am able to press the star and download a new face but it doesn’t show up what I am downloading until I already download it.


Same issue here. Bookmarked for future solution.

Following as well. I don’t get the no internet message, but on my Daily Mix, the star spins around and the name of the face pops up, but the face itself does not.

This started to happen after I had to factory reset my watch this week. I have a Huawei Watch 2.

Same as JDBreeze1 - daily mix spins name changes counts down but no new face just the blue star. I have used this successfully daily since I have had this watch - ticwatch S 2 had other issues which have worked out but this is new and persistent. Have tried force stop. I am reluctant to delete the app as I have some terrific faces in the app I do not want to lose. Cheers PMC

I’m having the same issue with the daily mix. I’d love to know how to fix the "no internet connection " error I receive even though I’m connected via bluetooth to my phone and wifi. I’m using the Samsung Gear S3 and I have a Galaxy S8.

Please help!!

Hey guys! Thanks for the report, we’ll look into it ASAP!

Same issue here with daily mix tokens…gives an error “no internet” even though im connected to internet…Wrote on twitter as well as sent an email to your team but still no revert post 3 days

Same issue, "no internet connection (frowny face) [quote=“zdarius, post:1, topic:22038”]
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Facer from the the Galaxy store, installing and reinstalling Facer from the Google Play store

Tried this also. No joy, however after i did this at least I was able to load a new face from the Website via
the watch ICON.

Hey there!

This should now be fixed! No update needed, this was an issue on our servers. Thanks for the report!

Nope got the daily notification at least. That was not coming up before. Still the same message when trying to load daily picks.

Gear S2 version

I have the Galaxy S3 Frontier also, when i open up the Facer App it only shows a red watch face connector instead of a blue one. Even though i am connected via the home network and Bluetooth. Very frustrating!

Daily mix. Pls fix your server. “no internet connection”.

Hi @robbinsben! If you’re still seeing the issue, could you try switching to another non-Facer watch face, then back to Facer and try again?