Daily Mix on Facer not working

Daily Mix is giving an “no internet connection :)” error when both Bluetooth and internet are enabled on watch.

Hey there!

This should now be fixed! No update needed, this was an issue on our servers. Thanks for the report!

I am also still having this problem of the daily mix giving the no internet connection error.

Hi @ladydruidess,

What watch are you using?

I have a Samsung gear s3 frontier I am running facer

Having the same issue. Daily Mix is giving " no internet connection". Bluetooth and internet are enabled on Gear S3. Tried rebooting both watch and phone - still getting the error message.

@estrada.manfred @ladydruidess can you try and switching to another watch face than Facer and then back to Facer, then try again?

Crazy thing is I did that before I posted initally, I did it again and it works now! Thank you!!