Dark Analog Face

MAG 1716 is a very dark analog with date, 24-hour dial, steps and battery.


That is nice but the Fossil watches might take it down to unreadable on their stepped dimming of AOD.


I hadn’t really considered that, but it’s an easy fix. I’ll go back in and lighten the AOD version for better visibility.


Very Clever. Your Faces always work for me in AOD. Good understanding of how that works. Keep Fit.


Why would you consider it OLED friendly? OLED friendly implies from the technology, that most pixels are black. I mean #000000 black. If you were to remove the textured background in AOD, that would make it OLED friendly. At least it’s my understanding that the OLED friendly thing comes from the fact that OLED tech allows pixels to be turned off when they are 100% black, which saves battery life. But if that pixel is even just the slightest bit not black (for example #000001), it would have to turn on, and thus draw power.


You do have a point there.

Yes, when talking both OLED and power saving stock black is the zero power draw. I do think there is some confusion over this.

I think the title would be more acurate as Battery Friendly as it is low draw due to contrast but nothing to do with OLED with that marbled background but still a nice design on any watcch.

For OLED pixels white and blue are the highest drain with green in the middle somewhere. Red being the lowest drain of visible. Black takes no power at all.

Saying that a much thinner white element might be just as visible as a thick red element and use less power overall due to the reduction of active pixels overall.

Of course dropping the brightness down to grey from white will save some power but that is universal across LCD and OLED screens.

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@richiebee @rob.fisk

The more brightly a pixel turns on the more energy it uses. So, you have the choice of a few turning on bright for less battery usage. Or the choice of more turning on at low levels for energy conservation. Battery savings either way. The biggest battery saving is not using AOD and a lot of background apps running.


Indeed, with the exception that, with OLED different colours use different power draw which is different from LCD. Yes, a bright red will use less than a dim red. But a mid/bright red may use less than a mid/low blue (or about the same, tests vary on levels, feel free to look for OLED pixel power usage online).

There is still the issue of saying something is OLED friendly when the power saving has nothing to do with how OLED works though. OLED friendly woulf have a completely black background to ensure those pixels draw no power at all.

LCDs draw minimal power at lowest brightness (close to black in effect). OLEDs draw none on actual black.

I said before, the watch is good but should be called Battery Friendly instead of OLED. The power savings are applicable across both OLED and LCD screens. Also that’s a bigger draw as battery life is always an issue for smart watch users.


I have now removed the term OLED friendly from this post. It is NOT WORTH in-depth electronics theory discussion just over a stupid watch face. I do watch faces for fun and I will continue to do so “for fun”.


The discussion is also fun, surely? Part of the learning curve.

I mean’t no disrespect to your efforts, it is a fine watch, and tried to incorporate a comment as to how much I liked your design into each one.

I am sorry if I have caused offence. I just wanted folks to know the difference as you are such an icon here people are liekly to take reference from you and it is good to know your screens.

Also, not advanceced electronics theory, but a basic dose of reading on battery saving on LCD vs OLED displays to make my phone batteries last longer over the last 15 years (OK LCD only to start).

The fact that I pay this much attention to that detail is my problem, not yours.


Rob, no offense taken. Since you are sort of new here you don’t know my background. I was a General Motors service technician in a local GM dealership for 20 years. I have electronics training through GM in computerization, air bag collision systems, computerized electronic anti-lock braking systems along with other highly technical stuff. I am also an Extra Class amateur (ham) radio operator, which is the highest license class there is in America. I have equipment in my radio room that most people wouldn’t know what it is let alone how it works. Even with all this training and experience I realize I’m not an electrical engineer nor do I have a desire to become one. Since I am retired, I do everything for my own amusement, and in-depth discussions about how OLEDs function is not fun for me. It reminds me too much of having a job and going to work every day. :grin:


I do apoogise again but you do such great watches, even of for fun, I started doing them to fill the unenployment hole and just for fun of course nut hen found the community and got lost in adventures.
I put my face library on my CV under hobbies.
It’s more than just a hobby to me though.The community makes it so.


I’m sorry too. Didn’t mean to cause any offence or anger here. Thought it would be an interesting discussion. I certainly don’t know much about it.


No, you raised a viable point about ALOD.

It escalated.

It’s here for folks to read and learn from in hte future, on their holovirtualenses


You did not offend or anger me at all. It’s just too deep of a discussion and too close to work I have happily given up doing. What I am sure we can all agree on is the darker a face is the less battery it will use. Everything else is just deciding which color and brightness uses more. This is my most used private face. You will notice it is not white, but a shade of grey. It is also mostly dark. It is my preference to use black background high contrast faces for everyday use. Plus, I also keep my watch brightness setting at less than halfway. On my Galaxy 1st gen, I can get 5 days of use out of it. On my GW 4 watches I can get 2 days of use. It is all a balancing act between what kind of face you want and how much battery life you can live with or without.


I like it. I am finding I prefer the more masculine watch faces though I’m a very girly woman but I like dak, concise faces.


Welcome to the Community @wisteriasky233 nice to have feminine viewpoints and opinions thrown into the mix :grinning: