Date and weather not updating

I have an LG Watch Style running Android Wear 2.0.0. I’m not sure when this started, just noticed it yesterday: My Facer faces say it’s Friday, Dec. 22, The watch is set to sync date and time with my phone, and when I swipe up the OS shows the correct date. Stock Android Wear faces also show the correct date, but not my Facer faces.

The weather isn’t updating on my Facer faces, either.

What gives?


Can you share the version of Facer you have on your watch and on your phone? Can you also share the link or name of one of the watch faces you’re seeing the issue on?


On the watch, v. 4.5.6_6151.
On the phone, 4.5.6_6150-(6150).
The one published face I’ve made is here: Stan Miller - BasicBlue By StanMiller64 - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer Please note that I edited the face just now by “changing” the date to the same format I already had, pushed it to the watch, and it shows the correct date on the watch now.

I have two other drafts, only one of which shows the date; it currently says Dec. 23, but I don’t think I can share a draft face with you. (It’s got my school district’s logo on it, which I can use because I’m on the board but which I can’t publish for others to use.)

So the date has been updating regularly since I deleted and re-added it. The same trick has not worked with the weather, though. When I swipe up from the face, I see correct weather data from the NWS Now app on my phone, but Facer faces do not update except when I push a face to my watch. Do I need a particular weather app on my phone to make this work?

Ive got the same issue

same to me

I have the same problem. Weather and location do not update unless I push a face to my watch or change temperature scale between F and C.

Facer version on Samsung Gear Sport
Facer build 5.1.2_100533-(100533) on Galaxy S7

I am using faces I designed with tags #WLC#, #WCT#, and #WCHP# not working.

Same here! Weather not updating unless change unit.
Did some great watchfaces but can’t use this if it don’t work =(