Date Circular Rotation


I want to create this watch face where the current date rotates circularly and sets itself exactly in the box.
I just can’t figure out the right expression.
Please keep in mind that there are 31 numbers. So depending on the month we are in, it has to set exactly to either 30th or 31st.

Kindly help.
Watchface link:

Watch face

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Sorry, the links do not work for me.

I assume you have an image of a date dial with 31 numbers evenly spread around the edge. To rotate this you need to move it (360/31) degrees per day or 11.6129 degrees.

So in the rotation field of your dial image, use: (#Dd#*11.6129+0)

In the expression, replace 0 with the angle offset you need to get the right date in the centre of the window.

Also, you may need to reverse the rotation depending on the order of the dates on the circle, as in:

Note that this automatically takes care of variable length months.

I hope that helps.

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Dear Mikeday,

Thanks a lot, I can confirm that the expression works.
I made a small alteration and its working as expected. Thanks again

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Cool! By the way, you don’t need the “+0” in the expression since you added the offset to 360 instead.


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