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Date expression

Hi to all
I would represent day number of month with 2 separate digits in a dater like this
Someone can suggest me the right formula for the 2 rectangles?
Thx for your help

I assume you want the expressions for the values to display inside each of the 2 rectangles.

I think the following should give you what you want (but please test):

1st digit: (floor(#Dd#/10))
2nd digit: (#Dd#%10)

Hi Lion

Thx very much. Just what i wanted. I tried the 2 expressions and all works at his best :smile:
Have a nice day

Hello, everyone,
I want to use 2 pictures with numbers as date.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work the way I imagine it, or the way it’s presented here.

Does anyone have a tip for me???
Thanks in advance…

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The Clue is in the Formulas that @mountain_lion posted. Multiply the results from that by a factor to get the Images to rotate correctly. Obviously they will Step and that is best in this case.
When we contribute on here we are supposed to Help. I could easily make a test to show you how it is done but It is so much more satisfying if you crack it yourself.
Let us know how you get on.

Just looked at your Inspectable Draft . Well done posting that .
You are so very close with what you have done . Things are just rotating 4 or 10 degrees you would not see that I suspect .

So you missed a trick with the Units . You used / not % . they do different jobs .

Try this .


Do not miss the - at the beginning it makes things go anti clock .

A good Idea while testing is to drop your code into a text box and see what it does with the time machine or sliders .

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Thanks for the tip @russellcresser .
Really helped me.
So I was able to finish my watch!!
Thanks again…


That has a nice level of Grunge. I love your Date Panel. I am looking forward to looking under the hood to see what Memory and Storage are. :slightly_smiling_face: