Date text offset when rotating in steps for day of week - request for help

Hi Guys,
I’ve seen similar threads that related to text layer being offset (aligned to its bottom instead of middle) so I hoped to find an answer there, but my situation is a bit different.

I won’t describe what the element of the face looks like, instead, here it is :slight_smile:

I would like the text layer to follow the red triangle day marker, but since text is aligned to its base, the whole thing is offset slightly higher up. And if I try to counter that offset by changing X and Y origination points, the whole thing starts to move separately from the triangle, changing distance from it.

I won’t bore you to death with what I’ve tried, I simply failed at resolving this so would be greatly thankful if one of you encountered this before and managed to find solution for it, and decided to share the wisdom :slight_smile:

If not, I’ll just cheat my way with seven text layers turning on/off as the days change, but still would like to find an elegant solution to it before going full savage :sweat_smile:

Thank you in advance!


Hi, try increase the angle for the date text box. For example put 63 instead 60 in its x and y formulas.


I just checked this out and it’s a simple fix by just playing around with 2 things ok.
First, put a 357 Rotation on your weekday.png, here -

And then just change your Sticker Alignment like this -

I just checked it all out and it works just fine for every day like that ok :+1:


Thank you both, @petruuccios and @icrltd4!

It’s funny that you both offered pretty much the same solution, just on different elements!
Anyways, I gave it a shot and that simple 3 degrees adjustment works in both cases :slight_smile:

Off to another challenge, but that’s something for separate thread, I believe :smiley:

Once again, thank you both for taking the time to investigate and respond :slight_smile:


Ha ha, well done petruuccios Sir, your simple Math change works perfectly :clap:
Your reply came just a minute before I commented :joy:


You’re most welcome akar.zaephyr, lots of helpful people here in this awesome Community, and I’m still a noob myself, my Math sucks big time :rofl:
Good luck with your other challenge :+1:

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Buneos dias Amigo Gizmo!!

yo tambien estuve experimentando … :writing_hand:

Yo buscaba a traves del texto calendario…

Y al final, la respuesta estaba en otro lado…:cowboy_hat_face:

Eres un genio amigo!!! :100:

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Gracias Cardozo, todos vemos estas cosas desde diferentes perspectivas, así que es genial que tanta gente trate de ayudar. Obviamente la solución de Petruuccios es la más fácil y rápida de hacer, así que bravo a él :clap:

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I am glad to help. But often before I manage to compose my answer (my English is not very fluent), somebody posts better formulated solution. This one was simple.


It was so simple, I forgot that the rotation of the text is handled separately hence you can add a few degrees to adjust position. Thank you again, I have incorporated this very rule into what I was working on:

Need to keep in mind sometimes simplicity is the answer.


That’s a cool design, nice work :+1: